Full Moon Ritual – July 19th 2016

July 19th 2016

Full Moon Ritual at Witches Wood. [Prayer Circle for All]

Full Moon cleanses by Water and Fire. A time to let go and purify. Comment below to be included by Proxy in the Ritual. What do you need to let go of? What new energies would you like to bring to your life? Keep it simple. Your name will be included on the scroll that goes onto the altar, and your purification will be complete when the scroll is burned.


12 thoughts on “Full Moon Ritual – July 19th 2016

  1. I would like to let go of the grief I am experiencing over the death of my parents (dad in 2012, mom in October 2015). I would also like to heal the fracture between my inner child and my adult personalities. These two things are making it to where I can barely function. If you would be so kind as to include me, I would so much appreciate it. Blessed Be.


  2. I release the ownership of pain and disease, i give thanks for what it has taught me, and now open myself to increasing comfort, health, and joy. BB and TY


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